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PCK Series Reversible Hammer Crusher


PCK series Reversible Hammer Type Crusher is widely used in circulating sulfide beds coal burning transmitting system in Thermal power plant and also in Metallurgy, Cement plant. It mainly crushes the medium hard and brittle materials like limestone, coal, coke, oil shale, gypsum etc.


The most important character of the Reversible Hammer Type Crusher is that the rotor rotation both forward and reverses periodically. This resolves the single side abrasion problem of the hammer and prolongs service life of hammer counterattack plate and sieve plate; also it reduces the wearing parts, so that it improves the working efficiency and lowers the cost.
This machine has a rational and compact structure, effective crushing ratio, low energy consumption and durable usage. It is also convenient to maintain and discharges even particle size products.
This machine also has radial screen holes which ensure the influent passing of the materials, and this avoids the over crushing and jam while crushing.
Supply notice (Buyer should notify clearly the following):
Types and name of material to be crushing (characters of material)
Granularity of charging and discharging (mm)
Type of model and output capacity (t/h)

                                                 Main Technical Parameter

Sketch of Reversible Hammer Crusher


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